our nursery

Opening Hours 8:00am -6:00pm and 7.30am to 6.30pm on request

This is a generic day at the nursery, however this is tailored to individual room routines in the nursery to meet the every individual child’s needs, learning and development.

7.30-8.50am: Nursery opens, Breakfast served & Free choice of activities

9am: Registration, Circle time: including sharing news and personal stories, music and singing sessions, storytelling and discussions

9.15am: Planned activities, child initiated activities

10.30am: Roll in snack for the older children and sitting at the table snack for the younger children.

11.15am: Tidy up and prepare for lunch

11.30am-12pm: Lunch

12.30pm: rest, nap, free play and quite activities

2.00pm: snack with Milk

2.30pm: planned and child initiated activities

3.15pm: Tidy up and prepare for tea

3.00pm: Afternoon tea

4.00pm: Circle time: including sharing news and personal stories, music and singing sessions, storytelling and discussions

4.30pm: Planned music and movement, drama or large group activity

5.15pm: Free play, Tidy up and prepare for tomorrow

5.30pm: snack

6.00pm-6.30pm: Nursery closes

In between the busy day of activities, all children have access to play in the garden at least a minimum of 2 times a day. The younger children’s nappies also get changed accordingly.

Planned Activities

Nursery staff will plan a variety of activities each week that have been designed to suit children’s individual needs, levels of development and current interests. Whilst these activities will be aimed at an individual child, other children will be able to take part if they are interested in the activity. The staff will use the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework to inform their planning and children will be invited to take part in activities that will build on their current levels of ability, knowledge and interest.

These activities may be linked to current seasonal themes, such as holidays, festivals or weather conditions, celebrations or activities going on at home.

Child-initiated Activity

As well as the planned activities, children will have the opportunity to choose, explore and play with the resources available as part of the nursery’s continuous provision.  Resources will be freely available for children to access and use both indoors and outdoors, and will include:

•   Sand and water play
•   Construction
•   Art and craft materials
•   Role play areas
•   Small world imaginative play
•   Mark making materials, Messy play and others

We recognise that children learn through their everyday experiences and need time to explore their ideas and practice new skills. Providing opportunities for children to play freely will enable them to be curious and to learn through their play with other children and the staff engaging in their play. There is a balance between the child initiated and adult led activities.