parent information

We are now open from 8am to 6pm and 7.30am until 6.30pm on request Monday to Friday, 51 weeks a year. We close 1 week during the Christmas period and 3 inset days for training.

We offer full time and part time sessions to suit your needs. You can book full days or AM or PM sessions. An AM session runs from 8am until 1.00pm and includes lunch. A PM session starts at 1.00pm until 6.00pm and includes tea and snack.

The minimum number of sessions your child can be booked into the Nursery for, is 2 sessions per week (one session equals either a morning or afternoon half day session). Please note the Minimum Booking rule is not applicable to grant funded sessions.

We offer FREE settling in sessions for you and your child before they start nursery life. We believe it’s extremely important for a child to feel safe and secure in the nursery environment before starting their booked sessions.

What to expect from your child’s settling in sessions:

– The key person will start to build a relationship and attachment with you and your child.

– You’ll be able to meet our team and your child’s key person.

– We’ll be able to find out your child’s likes and dislikes and what your child’s routine is at home, and any specific requirements you may have such as sleeps, meals and comforters by filling in a baseline assessment form.

Our aim is that you and your child feel completely happy before you start booked sessions with us.

We have parent evening twice a year where you come and look at your child/children’s learning journey, discuss his/her progress and set up next steps of learning and development with his/her key person.

We also have parents social events, please look at the calendar and let the Nursery Manager if you would like to attend any of them.

We have some of our policies and procedures displayed and accessible for parents, the rest of the policies are in a folder in the lobby area.


The Nursery closes for the week between Christmas and New Year and three days per year for training (dates to be confirmed at the beginning of each year). This includes bank holidays.

Nursery fees are charged as normal if you are on holiday. However, we would appreciate notice of you taking holiday, so we can amend staffing and food ordering accordingly. It will be at the Nursery Manager’s discretion to swap dates only if possible to make up for the absence, however we do not encourage this.

Absences / Illness

If your child will not be coming to the nursery for any reason, please let the staff know as soon as possible on 0207 033 0099, preferably the call to advise staff should be made before 8:00am.

Please do not send your child to Nursery if they are unwell. If your child is unwell please keep them at home until any risks of infection have gone. In the case of sickness/diarrhea or any contagious illness this would be a period of 48 hours after the last attack or starting a course antibiotics. For more information about infection control in childcare settings, please refer to the Health Protection Agency website.

The Nursery reserves the right to request that children be collected if it is felt in any way that they are not well enough to attend. The Nursery will only administer medicines with parental permission on the appropriate medical form or by telephone for those parents who have given prior consent in the child’s registration form. In cases of paracetamol/calpol only one dosage will be given to your child and you will requested to collect your child with 3 hours from the time of administering the calpol/paracetamol. In cases of paracetamol/calpol only one dosage will be given to your child and you will requested to collect your child with 3 hours from the time of administering the calpol/paracetamol. However if the child has had calpol/paracetamol from home, should the child’s temperature go up again the nursery will not administer another dosage of calpol/paracetamol.  Calpol/paracetamol will only be used in instances of the child having a high temperature.

We reserve the right to administer basic first aid and treatment where necessary. Parents will be informed of all accidents and will be required to sign an accident form.Nursery fees are charged as normal even if your child/children is/are off ill. It will be at the Nursery Manager’s discretion to swap dates only if possible to make up for the absence, however we do not encourage this.


We may immediately end this Agreement if:

(a) You have failed to pay your fees.

(b) You have breached any of your obligations under this Agreement and you have not or cannot put right this breach within a reasonable period of time of asking you to.

(c) You behave unacceptably, as we will not tolerate any physical or verbal abuse towards the staff or management.

(d) Your child’s behaviour at the nursery is deemed by us to be unacceptable or endangers the safety and well being of the other children and staff at the Nursery.

If you wish to give notice to cancel or end your child’s place at the nursery, you must give 1 month ‘s notice, in writing. This notice period also applies if you wish to make a change to the days/sessions your child attends nursery.


Some of the nursery activities will be messy and while aprons are available, it is recommended that children wear comfortable, clean, casual clothing suitable for play, which you don’t mind getting dirty. Please remember the nursery also makes extensive use of its outdoor space and we go outside every day, so wellingtons and coats are essential in the winter and hats and suncream will be necessary in the summer. Articles are left at the owner’s risk. Children’s clothes, especially outdoor clothes and shoes should be labeled with the child’s name.

The Nursery does not provide nappies; please provide sufficient nappies for your child if required. If your child is toilet training, please remember to bring in at least 3 pairs of spare tops and bottoms and 6 underwear.

Personal Effects

Children should not bring toys, jewellery, money or other valuables to the nursery, as we cannot accept responsibility for these. However, comfort toys/items are allowed and should be labeled with your child’s name.

No chocolate, sweets or other types of snack, food or drink are to be brought to the nursery. This includes at birthday parties. Parents are welcome to bring in party bags which will be kept in the manager’s office and will be given to the parents when they collect their child.


All of our meals are cooked fresh in the Nursery by our qualified and experienced cook. We cater for all children’s dietary requirements and we do not accept any food from home. This covers birthdays too, the children and staff bake the for the birthday boy or girl and a party is held to celebrate your child’s birthday. Parents wishing to bring in party bags, they must be kept in the manager’s office, who will then hand them to parents at the end of the day and they make the decision to share the items in the bag with their child/children.

All of our menus are designed in line with the “EAT BETTER START BETTER” programme designed by Hackney Borough to help minimise child obesity. However these menus are also changed from time to time to adapt the children’s likes as well as incorporate their cultural, religious and parents’ suggestions. Please feel free to request for a copy of the menu once you child starts attending Bright Buttons Nursery.