“Bright Buttons is a lovely nursery with a friendly and happy atmosphere”
“My son looks forward to going to the nursery everyday."


Extremely happy with the quality of care and surroundings/facilities. Staff are friendly and attentive to the needs of my child.

Sarah B

My daughter began settling at the nursery at 18 months old and even though she was allocated a key person, on occasions when she wont settle with her key person, the nursery took the invite to try with other staff which worked perfectly – this shows their sensitivity to the children as she always settled with the other staff. Also the manager is always well informed about my daughter and her activities for the day, I was always provided with the info I needed whenever I called the nursery to check up on my daughter.

Elizabeth K (Mother of 2 year old daughter)

Bright Buttons is a lovely nursery with a friendly and happy atmosphere. My daughter took a wee while to settle and the staff were very patient and nurturing with both Naima and myself. Naima loves coming to nursery, she is a very happy and confident toddler who always has fun at Bright Buttons.

Afua A (Mum of 2 year old daughter)

My son has been going to the nursery for quite some time now. The nursery has recently had a new manager, which is great in a good way. She seems to have a lot of knowledge and experience. She been at the nursery for nearly three months and the atmosphere has improved massively. My son now looks forward to going to the nursery everyday. I feel happy and proud for my son to be attending Bright Buttons. All the changes that the manager has put in place have all been positive to the children and staff. The nursery now looks great with pictures and work of the children. The staff look happier and appear much more confident at the job. All thank you to Alice, the nursery manager and the staff team. Oh, one more thing, the parents’ coffee morning was great and I am looking forward to the summer fete and multicultural day.

Mother F

Happy place – all the staff know each child, it’s very welcoming and small enough to quickly become familiar to a new baby. Professional and close to the parents, good communication about the baby’s progress, behaviour etc.

Celine D-M (mother of a baby)

Bright Buttons Nursery is one of the best nurseries around. My son has learnt so much during his 3 days a week at the nursery. He is learning stuff that he should be learning at reception. When I told them that I wanted to potty train my son at the age of 2.5years, they immediately started to help me, with their help Zak was out of nappies within 3 months of training.

Majida B (Mother of 3 year old boy)

My son has been attending Bright Buttons 2 days a week for 2.5 years now and from day 1 I was impressed by the level of support at helping him to settle in. He was matched with the perfect key worker and settled in so much more quickly than I imagined. Since then he has loved his experience at Bright Buttons progressing through toddler room to the preschool room. He learns so much but just thinks he’s having fun – thanks to the skill of the team. My daughter has also recently settled easily and we can’t praise the team enough.

Elisa H (Mother of 2 children, 3yr old son and 18months daughter)

Extremely competent, supportive and caring staff. Great attention to child’s needs, good opening hours.

Alessandra R (mother of 18 month child)

I would highly recommend Bright Buttons to any parent looking for top quality childcare. My 2yr old son was very shy in big groups, I have seen great change. He is more confident, his speech has improved and the best of it all he is fully potty trained. I would like to give a special thanks to all the staff at Bright Buttons for delivering outstanding care.

Michelle K (mother of 2yr old son)

This nursery is very clean, friendly, very good for the children activities and learning and child love coming to the nursery and have fun and have fun learning.

Amy R (mother of 3yr old daughter)